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Relief from Those Menacing Migraines

  Migraines…even reading the word can make you shudder, especially for those who have experienced them, either first-hand or by comforting a friend or family member who has. The thing about recurring migraines is that they are so much worse than a normal headache, especially when you throw light sensitivity and nausea into the mix…. Read more »

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

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What Our Clients Say

What some of our happy clients are saying...

Dr. Valle is an amazing dentist. I literally cannot say enough great things about her and her fantastic staff.

I have an extreme phobia of needles and dentists…to the point that I’d put off seeing a dentist for over a decade and would have panic attacks just setting up an appointment. I had so many cavities and even ended up breaking an entire molar off because of decay, but I could barely bring myself to get a teeth cleaning—let alone a filling.

Dr. Valle was beyond understanding, patient and kind. She truly cares about her patients. She would reassure me and help me to feel confident that she’d take care of me. She went above and beyond to suggest things to help relieve my anxiety—NuCalm, nitrous oxide, a warm blanket during procedures, etc. She was attentive and would listen anytime I would ask for something to make myself more comfortable. And she has so many great techniques to make things almost completely pain free. Most of the time I didn’t even realize an injection had happened until she started shaking my cheek so I wouldn’t feel the novocaine.

Dr. Valle is incredibly skilled in her craft—that in combination with her calming presence, she singlehandedly helped me overcome a severe phobia. I don’t have panic attacks thinking about going to the dentist anymore. I’m now cavity free and beyond proud of my smile. I tell every family member, friend, coworker and acquaintance I can that they should go to her. There is no better dentist than Dr. Valle.

– Erin Blevins

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State required disclaimer: Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA and require no specific educational training to advertise these services. Dr. Jon Rischer and Dr. Valle Rischer are General Dentists.